102 HOURS provides a chronicle of the events during and following the Boston Marathon bombing. As designers, we chose to do so in the simplest language we have — iconography.

Icons strip away the sensationalism. There are no news anchors, no political pundits, just images to tell a story. With the events laid bare, certain themes rise to the surface — primal themes like heroism and violence, perseverance and privacy.

For some, this book will be the same story told in a different way. Others may find new perspectives. For everyone, no matter who you are, this book, and these events, are yours.


We encourage you to experience the book in whatever way you like.

Flip through it slowly.

Skip around.


Be provoked.



102 HOURS is available to purchase for $20.00. Profits from all book sales will be donated to Youth Design. Additional donations are welcomed.

About Youth Design

Profits from the sale of this book will be donated to Youth Design, a Boston-based non-profit organization that empowers talented urban youth to pursue a path to higher education and promising equitable careers by engaging the professional design community to mentor, educate, train and employ the next generation. Tank believes that strengthening our communities for our youth is critical to ensuring the best future for our city.


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